QADs™ – Quality Air Drying System

Project Description

QADS™ is the only auxiliary air movement system that draws air from the spray booth plenum. ‘QADS™ Automatic’ and ‘QADS™ on Bake’ models have doors that operate automatically on the blower towers, which are closed during the spray cycle to protect the blower nozzles from overs spray. These patented technologies prevent dirt and over-spray from being blown on the waterborne basecoat during the flash off cycle, or the clear on the bake cycle!

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Why QADs?

Save Time, Energy & Money

On Paint Drying & Curing.

Process More Vehicles

& Generate More Revenues.

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All QAD’s Systems with the exception of QAD’s Crossflow come with:

    • Four (4) Quality Air Drying Towers, Control Panel
    • All units are retrofittable to the higher option systems, up to QAD’s SN
    • Ducting and Accessories (except wiring) to Complete System Installation

QADS™ ON BAKE include:

    • Includes pneumatic tower door operation, elevated temperature control during flash off, and engages the unit during the bake cycle.


    • Includes pneumatic tower door operation, control during flash off, engages the unit during the bake cycle.

QADS™ MANUAL includes:

    • Manually operated doors
    • (2) push button start/stop stations for each set of QAD Towers

QADS™ CROSS FLOW includes:

  • Two tower system with a 110 volt plug for easy connection
  • Manually operated tower doors and a wall mounted start/stop station

QADS™ SN Pictured

View our QADs overview video.

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