Welcome to Spray Tech / Junair. The leading manufacturer of high performance paint booths, industrial finishing systems, environmental enclosures, air movement systems, dust collection modules, and air makeup units.

All of our spray booth products are designed to save your business time and money while providing the highest quality finishing environment for your specific application. In addition, every product meets or exceeds NFPA, EPA and OSHA standards.

Small Scale Finishing

Our table top spray booths come in many configurations to meet your custom appliaction and are available in both white powder coated or galvanized finish.

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Environmental Enclosures

Our modular E-Room (Cleanroom) comes in a variety of different room configurations, ensuring that specific needs can be met. Romes are available in single units or in multi room configurations.

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Smart Prep™

An outstanding environment for refinishing miscellaneous parts/products or vehicle subassemblies. Since the Smart Prep™ comes standard with a full roof, curtains or walls and is ventilated so air drawn into the booth, this product meets NESHAP 6H, as well as, other local code requirements.

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Smart Air™

A unique way to boost your paint booth’s capacity and reduce operating costs by reserving your spray booth for larger jobs. Smart Air™ features a hood and masking system that is attached to an extraction tower, which captures overspray and allows for the flexibility of spot repairs in your shop.

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Wheel Smart™

An innovated wheel refinishing method that not only enables you to provide a profitable “in-house” wheel refinishing service. It also allows for a wheel to be refinished without having to tie up your spray booth. Wheel Smart™ also allows for a wheel to be refinished in virtually any desired location with the tire still on the wheel.

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  • QADs™ – Quality Air Drying System

  • QADs™ – Quality Air Drying System

  • QADs™ – Quality Air Drying System

  • QADs™ – Quality Air Drying System

  • qads-energy-savings-chart

QADs™ Auxiliary Air Movement System

The patented QADs™ system introduces additional airflow from the corners of the spray booth cabin. The clean, filtered and heated air delivered by the QADs™ system provides the ideal environment for the fast, controlled flash off of waterborne paints, as well as, low VOC top coats.

See how the implementation of our patented QADs™ system into your existing booth can dramatically increase the productivity and lower your cost.

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